01.   29 years of the constitution of Bangladesh
02.   The protection of minorities: a critical challenge for everyone
04.   The new government and 'a rights agenda' for action
05.   Meanwhile in Bangladesh...
06.   The terrorist
07.   The innocent dead in a coward's war
08.   Religion and politics : debate on khatib Ubayedul Haque ( Bangla: PDF)
09.   "Images from ground zero” and the genocide in Palestine
10.   What Israel has done
11.   Terrorism and war ( Bangla: PDF)
12.   The anniversary of the attacks has passed, but ....

13.   Operation clean heart : Bangladesh crime fight

14.   Bangladesh: impunity for the army unacceptable
15.   Bangladesh: indemnity bill - a human rights challenge for parliament
16.   Anti war slogans.
17.   What makes a war happen ( Power point presentation )
18.   War in e.kobi's diary ( Bangla PDF )
19.   It's for your own good
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Anti war slogans


  • Terrorism is evil, War is a greater evil
  • The greatest source of terrorism since the 2nd World War has been the US
  • Disarm the World
  • The first casualty of war is the truth
  • Military Intelligence???
  • Bush and Blair pull out like your fathers should have done
  • Stop massacre in Iraq
  • Dumb and Dumber, Partners in Crime
  • Wish I was French
  • Don't buy their War (picture of rocket in supermarket trolley)
  • Smart bombs do not excuse stupid leaders
  • War : dead people just like us
  • Shame on you
  • Peace please
  • USA - insane
  • Proud to be a dove
  • Bush babies are born blind
  • Don't do it
  • Honesty is one and indivisible
  • Daily as a doctor I see people with post traumatic stress syndrome from War
  • Gulf Sale
  • Make sense not War
  • Preemptively pray for Peace
  • More trees, fewer Bushes
  • Walk on by, watch them die
  • War: terrorism with a bigger budget
  • We have power in our hearts - more power than bullets (Martin Luther King)
  • You can bomb the world to pieces, but you cannot bomb it into Peace
  • The War is unjustified, immoral, futile and counter productive
  • I can no longer be a party to ends I believe to be wrong and unjust (Siegfried Sassoon)
  • There is never a good War or a bad peace
  • Israel in material breach of 68 UN resolutions for 35 years and Bush and Blair turn a blind eye
  • Dialogue not epilogue
  • 1.8 million refugees from Iraq War
  • God Bless America, God Save Mankind
  • Give Peace a chance
  • We cannot afford a War
  • Get holistic not ballistic
  • Don't attack Iraq
  • Young man in a Batman suit
  • "I'll fight crime but I won't fight Iraq"
  • Cost - Batman costume £20
  • Packed lunch £ 4
  • Tube fare £ 2
  • Stopping the War Priceless
  • No blood for oil
  • Not in our name Tony
  • Stop the Dim Reaper
  • Health not War
  • You do have a choice
  • What's its oil about, Tony?
  • Make Friends not War
  • You cannot solve the problem with the mindset that created it (Einstein)
  • No to lies, not to lives
  • When the power of love overcomes the love of power we'll have Peace
  • Save the children and never vote for Blair again
  • If you are not outraged you have not been paying attention
  • Peace, Love, Duty, Respect
  • Are you waiting for someone to act on your behalf?
  • Poodles have short and curly hair
  • I'd rather be skateboarding (young man on skateboard)
  • Bush is off his mash
  • Smart bombs are stupid
  • No War
  • Don't start war in my name
  • The US has attacked 22 countries since the 2nd World War
  • Stop this bloody war
  Source : MirandaNet ( UK )  
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  Photo : Abir Abdullah/ Drik
( Evicted slum dweller, from High Court ground)